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Shimanto River (Japan) – from sea to drainage basin flight:

Inside the largest cave in the world (Vietnam) – Karst Topography:

Flight Over Iceland:

Braided streams:

Limestone cave aerial:

Vietnam cave slide show:

Coastal footage:

Alps drone footage:


Tropical Rainforest:


Irish Coastline:

Joffre Lake:

Waterfall on Elk River BC:

Columnar Jointing in Yosemite (@ 1 minute):

Including Comparative Civilization, History & Geography

The I-Search Project – Canada’s Involvement in WWII

1. Dieppe

2. Ortona

3. D-Day

4. Battle of the Atlantic

5. The Battle of Hong Kong

6. Liberation of the Netherlands

7. Conditions on the Homefront

8. Women’s role in the War

9. Canada’s Response to the Holocaust


Socials 11 – Autonomy and International Involvement 2

World War I – Vintange Photographs –

World War I – Home Front in Canada

Ground War

Air War

War at Sea

Canadian Military Participation

Battle of the Somme – August 1916

Passchendale – November 6th, 1917

Vimy Ridge, April 9th, 1917

First Battle of Mons

Canada & the Battle of the Last 100 Days –

First Battle of Ypres

The French Revolution


Social Studies 11 – Government

Structure of the Government of Canada –

BC Government – Homepage –

City of Langley –

Township of Langley –

Member of the Legislature for Langley

BC Government Caucus


Japanese-Canadians Internment – 1941-1945

Taliban – Genocide

Rwanda – Genocide

Yugoslavia and Etnic Cleansing

Tibetan Monks Persecution

Nazis and the Jews in Europe

Darfur in Sudan – A modern day genocide – Flags and Geography facts and Figures



Eyewitness to History

Middle Ages